Beatles News

Why Beatles?  

In December of 1963, at an F.W. Woolworth store I noticed 3 different 45rpm records for sale.  All by the same artist.  I’d heard of them, but didn’t know much.  “I Want To Hold Your Hand”, “My Bonnie” and “She Loves You”.  All on different labels.  It had to mean something.  I bought all 3.

Fast forward to 1999.  I came to San Diego and was approached by Todd Little-then PD of 101.5 KGB to host “The Beatles Radio Show” on San Diego’s premiere Classic Rock radio station.  A Top 40/Adult Contemporary/Oldies/Full Service AM radio host entering the world of Classic Rock.  It was very cool.  In 2008 I moved (with the show) to 105.7 The Walrus -and a new name.  It became cooler.  In 2013, we celebrated my 14th year as “San Diego’s Beatles Host”.  Now we can celebrate nearly 50 years of Beatles music in the world.

Come back soon for archives of Beatles shows I’ve done over the years.